A number of online video conferencing applications came into play ever since the remote working culture became a norm. Amongst the several platforms available, Microsoft Teams has become quite popular amongst the users. It is a business communication platform developed by Microsoft which rivals the likes of Zoom, Slack, and others.

Similar to the other such platforms, the Microsoft Team lets you stay connected with your colleagues. Besides the option to chat and threaded conversations, it also lets you share files, presentations, and also let you share an entire screen. Video conferencing is another useful feature which this business communication tool offers to the users.

In one of our recent articles, we have shared how to share screens on this tool. Now, we will be helping you with the steps to change a background in Microsoft Teams.

Steps To Change Background in Microsoft Teams Before Meeting

Microsoft Teams has the option to change the background before a meeting starts or during a meeting. The steps are similar for both Laptops and smartphones.

Step 1: You need to have access to Microsoft Teams before you begin with the process of changing a background.

Step 2: If you want to change the background before a meeting then select the ‘Background effects’ option. You can locate it next to the mic button on the UI.

Step 3: You can either choose the option ‘Blur’ to conceal the background. Also, you can add a new image all together to enhance the overall appearance.
Step 4: To change the background with a new image select the ‘Add New’ option. Now, upload the image you want to set a background.

How To Change Background In Microsoft Teams During A Meeting

Step 1: To change the background during an ongoing meeting you need to go to the ‘Moe Actions’ option and select the ‘Show background effects option’.

Step 2: Now select the ‘Blur’or ‘Add New’option as per your convenience. It is worth mentioning that the changed background will remain in effect unless a new one is updated.