Quite possibly the most often promoted positives of a Chromebook is security. A Chromebook is a brilliant gadget for a wide scope of PC competency levels since it ensures clients. Chrome OS accompanies enough coordinated security that you don’t need to stress over viruses, and you won’t need to invest energy fixing PCs for grandmother, by the same token.

How Does Chromebook Security Work?

Your Chromebook uses a range of security features to protect you from malware, viruses, and other threats. There are five main areas of protection:

  1. Automatic Updates: Chrome OS (the operating system on your Chromebook) updates automatically. The automatic updates install security patches and features without bothering you, keeping your machine secure.
  2. Sandboxing: On a Chromebook, each webpage and web app opens within a sandbox environment, isolated from everything else on the system. If the webpage you are using attempts to download something malicious and succeeds, it won’t spread to the rest of the Chromebook.
  3. Verified Boot: If malware does manage to escape a sandbox, which can happen, your Chromebook is equipped with “Verified Boot.” Each time you switch on your Chromebook, it checks that the operating system is as it should be, free from modification or tampering. If Verified Boot finds that the operating system is corrupt, it will repair itself automatically.
  4. Data Encryption: Another Chromebook security feature uses encryption to protect your data. Your Chromebook automatically encrypts important files, such as your browser cookies, browser cache, downloads, files, and more. If malware did manage to break into your computer, many of your most important files would be out of reach.
  5. Recovery Mode: Finally, if everything goes really horribly wrong, there is always Chromebook Recovery Mode. From Recovery Mode, you can restore Chrome OS to the last known good configuration, or even reinstall the operating system completely.

Can A Chromebook Get a Virus?

It is very improbable. Chromebooks are sans virus for the mind greater part. In any event, when individuals think they have a virus, more often than not, it is ascribed to something different. Here are three great representations of Chromebook conduct that resembles a virus and how to fix them.